Route de Compostela

La Romieu is a village on the Route de Compostela with a unique tale !

There are cats everywhere here so I had to do some research to find out why. "Angeline and the Legend of the Cats In the year of our Lord 1338, in a Gascon village called LA ROMIEU, renowned for its beautiful collegiate built 20 years previously, Vincent and Mariette lived contentedly. He was a woodman and his wife often accompanied him into the forest to make up bundles of faggots. They worked hard, and with their poultry and pig, their fruit and vegetable garden, their table was always laid full with food. They had been married for 3 years when Mariette gave birth to a little girl, whom they called Angeline. Alas, one day Vincent was crushed by a tree he was felling. Inconsolable, Mariette sank into a depression and 2 months later was found dead, holding little Angeline in her arms. The little girl was taken in by a neighbour and was brought up with their children like one of their own. Angeline showed a great affection for cats and there were always one or two around her which at night even slept in her bed. She also often shared her bowl with them. With the passing of time, Angeline became a healthy young girl who helped her adoptive parents in fields, always accompanied by her cats.........

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Région: Midi-Pyrénées
Département: Gers
Commune: La Romieu
Photographer: Dale Calder
Route de Compostela